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The tin manufactured at Mitsui Kinzoku is a byproduct of lead smelting. It is primarily used to make alloys and solder.



Like tin, bismuth is a byproduct of lead smelting. It is used in a wide range of areas, from alloys to pharmaceuticals.

MicroThin® copper foil with carrier film


Our MicroThin® copper foil is an ultra-thin copper foil of 2 to 5-μm-thickness with carrier film. In Modified Semi Additive Process (MSAP), this foil can be used as base copper to produce ultra-high-precision circuit boards. It is the global standard for ultra-thin copper foils.

Electro-deposited copper foil for printed wiring boards (PWBs)


This product is available in a variety of foil and surface treatment options, such as a low profile copper foil, a copper foil with super fine nodules, for use in various applications.

Resin-coated copper foil


This is a composite material that has a layer of semi-hardened resin applied on a copper foil. Unlike other materials that contain glass cloth, this product is excellent for designing slim substrates and creating vias in circuits. It is used as the outer layer for motherboards in several hundred million mobile phones every year.

Material of capacitors embedded in PWBs (FaradFlexR)


This product, when used as voltage and ground planes, offers uniform power distribution and suppresses noises.

Solder powder


This solder powder is made using a centrifugal spraying system that produces spherical fine powder with little oxidation.

Powder metallurgy


These powders are manufactured by leveraging the atomizing process.

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