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R&D: Corporate R&D Center

Our comprehensive R&D organization and relentless research continues to develop revolutionary products.

Materials represent the cornerstone of technology. Although you may not see them on a day-to-day basis, the products that enable our comfortable modern lives rely on a wide range of cutting-edge materials. We are constantly working on research and development, in an effort to create materials with new properties and to contribute to society.
As the core R&D organization within the Engineered Materials Sector, our R&D Center is constantly conducting research day-in, day-out. It carries out research and development efficiently thanks to a flexible structure that enables teams to be formed for each area of research. It also carries out research and development on a daily basis in conjunction with the Materials Analysis & Exploration Center and our New Product & Process Development Center.
To date, it has successfully developed a number of the products that underpin Mitsui Kinzoku’s business, including thin copper foil, PVD materials and ultrafine powders. With its tireless devotion to research and a fully integrated development structure, the R&D Center will continue to create innovative new products, as it continues to provide solid support for the future of the Mitsui Kinzoku Group.
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Company name Mitsui Mining & Smelting Co.,Ltd. Corporate R&D Center
Address 1333-2 Haraichi, Ageo-shi, Saitama, 362-0021 Japan
TEL +81-48-775-1213
E-mail souken_kikaku@mitsui-kinzoku.co.jp
April 2014 Research and development capabilities for new products and technologies spilt off from the Corporate R&D Center, and the R&D Center was established under the supervision of the Engineered Materials Sector.
April 2016 Research and development centers in the engineering materials sector are integrated to create three centers and the battery material project team.
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