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Precision grinding wheel Business


Our standard grinding wheels are used for precision grinding of metal parts and other materials in a wide range of industries, including the automotive and bearing industries.Read more

Cable Business


Yoshinogawa Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd., handles wires and cables business for applications that support our daily lives, including industrial robots, medical equipment, communications, etc.Read more

Solder powder


This solder powder is made using a centrifugal spraying system that produces spherical fine powder with little oxidation.

Powder metallurgy


These powders are manufactured by leveraging the atomizing process.

Aluminum and magnesium die- castings


We produce die-casts mainly using aluminum and magnesium, such as headlamp reflectors, heat sinks, inverter housings for EVs and HEVs, and other automotive components.

Powder metallurgy products


These products are made from steel-based materials and find wide applications in various areas. We can provide parts of excellent quality, in high volume, and at low cost, particularly for automotive applications such as engine, suspension, and power steering parts.

MIM Products


Metal injection molding is a metalworking technique for making parts wherein a mixture of metal powder and binder material is injected into a mold. The binder is degreased and the part is sintered.

Door Latch (side, back, and slide door)


These latches are small, lightweight, and strong and provide a high level of safety. They are available in designs for various applications. In addition to latches, we … Read more

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