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Mitsui Perlite


Mitsui Perlite is formed by crushing pearlstone, a natural volcanic glass, or pitchstone. This is then rapidly heated and allowed to expand, resulting in an airtight amorphous … Read more

Aluminum and magnesium die- castings


We produce die-casts mainly using aluminum and magnesium, such as headlamp reflectors, heat sinks, inverter housings for EVs and HEVs, and other automotive components.

Powder metallurgy products


These products are made from steel-based materials and find wide applications in various areas. We can provide parts of excellent quality, in high volume, and at low cost, particularly for automotive applications such as engine, suspension, and power steering parts.

Corrosion Prevention Business


Nakabohtec Corrosion Protecting Co., Ltd operates a corrosion prevention business designed to solve corrosion issues customers face with port and harbor structures that surround Japan, salt-air damaged concrete structures, pipelines that support life infrastructures, plant facilities, gate facilities, etc.Read more



Zinc is primarily used as a plating material to create anti-corrosive coating on steel. We offer custom products, such as high grade zinc by LME standards, and distilled zinc and mixed zinc pursuant to JIS standards.

Zinc base alloys


Mitsui KinzokuWe offers type 1 and type 2 alloys under the JIS standard. We also manufacture proprietary alloys such as ZAS (a type 3 alloy) and ZAPREC.

Resource Development and Environmental Conservation Engineering Service


Resource Development Related Engineering Services. Environmental Conservation Related Engineering Services. Mining and sale of Zeolite. Read more

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