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Solder powder


This solder powder is made using a centrifugal spraying system that produces spherical fine powder with little oxidation.

Mitsui Perlite


Mitsui Perlite is formed by crushing pearlstone, a natural volcanic glass, or pitchstone. This is then rapidly heated and allowed to expand, resulting in an airtight amorphous … Read more

Geothermal Development Project


Okuaizu Geothermal Co., Ltd., our wholly-owned subsidiary, and Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc., jointly operate Yanaizu-Nishiyama Geothermal Power Plant.Read more

Battery-use zinc powder


This division has been satisfying customers’ needs since we became the world’s first mass producer of alloyed zinc powder for mercury-free alkaline manganese batteries.

Hydrogen storage (absorbing) alloy (MH alloy)


We manufacture and sell hydrogen storage alloy for nickel hydride batteries using high purity materials and advanced process control to satisfy the high quality requirements of automotive use.

Lithium Manganese Oxide (LMO) and Nickel-Lithium (NCM)


We manufacture and sell Lithium Manganese Oxide (LMO) and Nickel-Lithium (NCM) for high-capacity lithium-ion batteries primarily used for environmentally friendly Electric Vehicles (EV) and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV).

Sputtering Targets


We manufacture and sell a range of sputtering targets, in compositions such as indium tin oxide (ITO) for depositing transparent conductor films on LCD panels, organic EL panels and touch panels・・・more

Ultra-fine powders for electronic materials


These copper and silver powders were developed using our exclusive wet reaction process and atomizing process.

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