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Fine ceramics


These materials feature strength and thermal-shock-resistance, which lends them to use as large-size components such as heater tubes and rotors for dissolving aluminum, electro-ceramics kiln tools and structural materials.

Alumina, Silicon Carbide (SiC) refractories


Mitsui Kinzoku manufactures high-quality high-performance and energy-saving refractory materials made from select high-grade materials using proprietary technology and facilities.Read more

Metalofilter® and Metaloclean® TS


In the aluminum industry, customers demand products that are lighter, thinner, stronger, and easier to process. To meet this demand, Mitsui Kinzoku offers Metalofilter for removing inclusions in molten aluminum, and Metaloclean TS to remove hydrogen gas.

Powder metallurgy


These powders are manufactured by leveraging the atomizing process.

Mitsui Perlite


Mitsui Perlite is formed by crushing pearlstone, a natural volcanic glass, or pitchstone. This is then rapidly heated and allowed to expand, resulting in an airtight amorphous … Read more

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