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Electro-deposited copper foil for printed wiring boards (PWBs)


This product is available in a variety of foil and surface treatment options, such as a low profile copper foil, a copper foil with super fine nodules, for use in various applications.

Alumina, Silicon Carbide (SiC) refractories


Mitsui Kinzoku manufactures high-quality high-performance and energy-saving refractory materials made from select high-grade materials using proprietary technology and facilities.



Zinc is primarily used as a plating material to create anti-corrosive coating on steel. We offer custom products, such as high grade zinc by LME standards, and distilled zinc and mixed zinc pursuant to JIS standards.

Zinc base alloys


Mitsui KinzokuWe offers type 1 and type 2 alloys under the JIS standard. We also manufacture proprietary alloys such as ZAS (a type 3 alloy) and ZAPREC.

Gold and Silver


The rarity of gold drives its use in jewelry and as an investment instrument, while its workability and electrical conductivity drives its use in electronic components. Traditionally, the demand for silver was for use in photosensitive material, but now, it is often used for solar batteries and other electronic components.



Lead is primarily used as electrodes for lead storage batteries. We manufacture JIS-compliant lead with a purity of 99.99% or higher.

Battery-use zinc powder


This division has been satisfying customers’ needs since we became the world’s first mass producer of alloyed zinc powder for mercury-free alkaline manganese batteries.

Hydrogen storage (absorbing) alloy (MH alloy)


We manufacture and sell hydrogen storage alloy for nickel hydride batteries using high purity materials and advanced process control to satisfy the high quality requirements of automotive use.

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