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Door Latch
These lock mechanisms are mounted on doors, trunks, and seats of automobiles to provide passenger safety. Our locks are characterized by their small, lightweight, and durable design, and are the preferred choice of automobile manufacturers in Japan and overseas. In July 2010, the existing business division was reorganized into Mitsui Kinzoku ACT Corporation to further expand business, and currently operates as a dedicated manufacturer of automotive parts and components.
Major product
Door Latch(side,back,and slide door)
Aluminum and magnesium die-castings
Product overview
These latches are small, lightweight, and strong and provide a high level of safety. They are available in designs for various applications. In addition to latches, we also offer slide door parts that ensure smooth and reliable opening and closing of slide doors, check links for parts that ensure door retention and smooth operability, and door hinges.
Product name
Side door latch, back door latch, trunk latch, slide door parts, etc.
Automobile doors, sliding door locks, hinges
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