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Catalysts are defined as substances that promote a chemical reaction without themselves being affected, and are widely used in the field of chemical engineering. Catalysts contribute to the conservation of the global environment, particularly catalysts for detoxifying exhaust gas from automobiles. Demand for the products is rising with current enhancement of environmental regulations around the world.
Major product
Product overview
We manufacture and develop catalysts primarily for automobiles (for gasoline and diesel vehicles, and motorcycles) to meet the regulations in countries around the world. We have also been a long-time supplier of catalysts for deodorizing. Meanwhile, we continue to develop advanced catalysts that will meet future regulatory trends.
Product name
Catalysts used to detoxify various exhaust gases (for automobiles, motorcycles, general-purpose engines, and deodorizers)
Automotive catalysts (oxidation catalysts and three-way catalysts for gasoline vehicles ; oxidation, DPF, and SCR catalysts for diesel vehicles, etc.), motorcycle catalysts, general-purpose engine catalysts, various vehicle exhaust gas detoxifying catalysts, and catalysts for environmental protection
Sales Department, Catalysts Division, Engineered Materials Sector
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