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2018/9/12 アイコン
Business Partnership with DAIHEN Corporation
2018/8/28 アイコン
Development of “CeraMesh™“ for firing electronic component
2018/8/10 アイコン
FY2018 Q1 Results & FY2018 Q1-Q2 Forecast
2018/8/2 アイコン
Completion of Expansion of Production Capacity of Cerium Oxide Based Abrasive MIREK™
2018/8/2 アイコン
Increase in Production Capacity of Atomized Copper Powder for MLCC
2018/7/19 アイコン
August 10, 2018 :Announcement of FY2018 Q1 Financial Results
2018/7/10 アイコン
MITSUI KINZOKU ACT to Establish Branch Office and New Company for Production & Sale of Door Latches and Other Automotive Parts
2018/6/28 アイコン
Report on the Resolutions Made at the 93rd Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
2018/5/25 アイコン
Notice of Convocation of the 93rd Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
2018/5/14 アイコン
Meeting on Financial Results for FY2017 and FY2018 Forecast
2018/5/9 アイコン
FY2017 Results & FY2018 Forecast
2018/4/2 アイコン
Metal Production Plan for the First Half of FY2018
2018/3/28 アイコン
Notice of Revision of Full-year Financial Forecasts and Reduction of Executive Compensation
2018/3/28 アイコン
Notice of Recognition of Impairment Loss
2018/3/20 アイコン
Notice Regarding Changes of Organizational Structure
2018/3/13 アイコン
Implementation of Impairment Test
2018/3/7 アイコン
Nippon Yttrium Enhances Production Capacity of Protective Material for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
2018/2/9 アイコン
FY2017 Q3 Results & FY2017 Forecast
2018/2/1 アイコン
Increase in Production Capacity of Ultra-Fine Copper Powder for MLCC
2018/1/25 アイコン
Development of HRDP Material for Formation of Ultra-Fine Circuits with Glass Carrier for Fan Out Panel Level Package


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