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Disclosure Policy

1. Basic Policy Concerning Information Disclosure

Mitsui Kinzoku conducts its business activities in a fair, impartial, and faithful manner with a high level of transparency, and strives to proactively disclose business activity information to all stakeholders. The Company discloses information timely and appropriately in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, such as the Timely Disclosure Rules stipulated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the Companies Act, and the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law. The Company also discloses important information that would impact the investment decisions of shareholders and investors in a proactive, prompt, and fair manner.

2. Information Disclosure Methods

Important information applicable to the Timely Disclosure Rules shall be published in accordance with the Rules, using the TDnet system provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The Company also promptly posts the published information on this website. Information that does not apply to the Timely Disclosure Rules but may be helpful for shareholders and investors to understand the Company better, shall also be promptly disclosed using appropriate means, including press releases and this website.

3. Silent Period

In order to prevent the leakage of the information that could affect our stock prices during the preparation period of the financial results announcement, Mitsui Kinzoku defined a certain period before the announcement of the financial results as a “Silent Period”. During the period, we refrain from making comments or answering questions about financial results. However, during the silent period if we discover that the actual results differ significantly from the forecast, we will make announcements in accordance with the Timely Disclosure Rules.

4. Others

Before searching our company information on this website, users are encouraged to read not only the Information Disclosure Policy but also the separately posted Disclaimer.

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