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Management policy

IR policy

1. Basic Policies Concerning Information Disclosure

Mitsui Kinzoku conducts its business activities in a fair, impartial, and faithful manner with a high level of transparency, and strives to proactively disclose information on business activities to all stakeholders.

2. Purpose of IR Activities

Mitsui Kinzoku believes the purpose of IR activities is to attain shareholders and investors’ adequate assessment of our corporate value. To fulfill this purpose, the Company discloses information necessary for making investment decisions in a timely, fair, and ongoing manner, and also actively promotes the two-way communication with both shareholders and investors.

3. Active Promotion of IR Activities

To accomplish the purpose of IR activities, Mitsui Kinzoku thinks that it is necessary to provide shareholders, investors, and securities analysts with the information on our business operations, financial condition, management strategies, and other important business matters in a way that they can easily understand. To do so, we will increase the opportunities for our top management to hold a direct dialog with shareholders and investors, such as through financial result briefings and business presentations.

Furthermore, we will improve IR website to transmit our important business information with better clarity on a timely, fair, and ongoing basis.

Meanwhile, evaluations and requests from shareholders, investors, and securities analysts will be shared among executives and other members of the Company to improve our business activities.

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