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Management policy

Message from Top Management
Sadao Senda, President and Representative Director

I would like to thank our shareholders for your continued support towards our business activities.

The Mitsui Kinzoku Group is aiming to become a corporate group that is capable of achieving sustainable growth irrespective of business circumstances. To achieve this goal, we must view the current dramatic changes in our business environment as opportunities. Thus, we must not be satisfied with the status quo, but rather continually innovate and achieve advancement towards further growth.

We must return to the most basic principle of the manufacturing industry, the strengthening of our ‘monozukuri’ (production) capabilities. We will make unceasing efforts to develop products that precisely meet the needs of customers ahead of any competitors in a rapidly changing market. We remain committed to maintaining a high level of quality as we work to curb production costs to ensure competitiveness and speedily deliver our products to our customers. Through swift decision-making, we will continue concentrating and streamlining business operations. Simultaneously, we will strive to develop next-generation products and pursue growth opportunities through the creation of differentiated products. In this way, we will continue to clarify the future direction of the Mitsui Kinzoku Group.

We operate three business domains that we have singled out as priorities for the future; engineered materials, metals and automotive parts and components. Under the slogan of Material Intelligence, we will operate businesses to continuously create promising products and businesses.
As part of our engineered materials business, which includes copper foil and catalysts, we continue to reinforce our development and supply structure so that we can provide new products that precisely cater to our customers’ needs. We do a great deal to help create a recycling-oriented society through our metal business too, primarily by means of recycling-based smelting, including the diversification of raw materials and recovery of rare metals.

At Mitsui Kinzoku, a company which has its roots in the excavation of underground resources, we have positioned the preservation of the natural environment as one of our priority management issues. In line with this policy, we are undertaking various initiatives to preserve the environment, conserve energy and reduce CO2 emissions in all aspects of our business operations.

Mitsui Kinzoku aims to be a company that earns the support of its stakeholders with an indispensable presence in society, based on its management philosophy, “With creativity and productivity, We, Mitsui Kinzoku Group, will explore products of value to society, and seek an eternal growth of our group.” We hope that you will continue to give your guidance and support to the Mitsui Kinzoku Group.

Sadao Senda, President and Representative Director
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