Mitsui Kinzoku

Core Technology

We offer future technologies
to help partners evolve their development.

  • MaterialCharacter

    Mitsui Kinzoku offers a wide range of technological solutions through the approach of altering material properties: Using appropriate methods, we develop new alloys suited for a particular use, change metals into non-metal materials, and design metal-resin composites. With a wealth of knowledge in materials and expertise in material design and powder control technology, we will explore even more opportunities to offer solutions.

  • MaterialSurface

    Mitsui Kinzoku specializes in surface treatment. We add nano-sized active components to the surface of a material to develop a catalyst that performs a chemical function, or apply a coating to the surface of a material to provide it with insulation properties. We are searching for applications in which our unique surface technology can effectively fulfill customers' requirements.

  • MaterialShape and Size

    Mitsui Kinzoku also has a competitive edge in material processing technology. We are a global leader of ultra-thin electrodeposit copper foil in development and production through our established technology that can stably mass-produce MicroThinTM copper foil. We are also capable of altering the shape and size of particles, including increasing their size and introducing additional complexity into their shape. We hope to offer our shape-engineering technology and capability to stably mass-produce innovative products to more industry sectors.

  • Porous Material
    (Separation, Purification)

    High-performance porous material for separation, purification, storage, and for use in chemical synthesis & reaction

  • Solution Chemistry
    Electrolysis and Plating

    Control chemical reaction in solution and give material new functions

  • Powder Control

    Engineering shape, size and property of powders

  • Material Composition

    Design material combination to provide new functions

  • Firing,

    Engineering properties and composition of ceramics

  • Oxides &
    Alloy Design

    Design new materials providing required functions


Corporate Venture Capital

We pursue co-creation of new businesses
through collaboration with startups.

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New Materials


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